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AVM FritzBox Fon Wlan 7170 Annex A

AVM FritzBox Fon Wlan 7170 Annex A
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The FRITZ!Box Fon 7170 brings your PCs to the Internet with lightning-fast DSL-speeds - over Ethernet, USB or wireless via WLAN. Simple to operate and highly secure from the start. The wireless portion 125MBit/s-WLAN-interface from the web with individual password protection, thus wireless communications are always protected through a Firewall, starting as soon as it is activated.

The Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170 includes an integrated ADSL modem, a full-featured router, 4 Lan ports, 1 ISDN port, 2 phone ports for VoIP and a fully functional PSTN port (analogue/ISDN).

With the integrated ADSL/ADSL2+-Modem the FRITZ!Box Fon 7170 can connect to both DSL connections and to cable - or the modem can be also switched off to operate as a VoIP router.

With the FRITZ!Box Fon 7170 calling over the Internet is finally very easy, the way it should be: attach your existing phone, lift the handset, call! You can call with Voice over IP through the Internet without switching on your PC. Also you can use your existing phone with the Fritz!box: calls are passed to and from the integrated telephones ports. Additional functions and features are easy to learn and use due to simple and easy instructions and automated installation software.

Additionally, this model FRITZ!Box allows configurations between ISDN, pstn and VoIP lines and uses the high-security WPA2 encryption (under the 802.11i standard) and can allow you to create a network that is "unbreakable by any known technique" - AVM.

Main Features and Functions include:

  • PBX for Internet and landline telephony (ISDN and POTS lines)
  • ISDN S0 NT for ISDN phones or PBXs
  • WLAN router with DHCP server and IP masquerading/Network Address Translation
  • Integrated ADSL modem supports ADSL and ADSL 2+
  • Internet telephony in conformance with SIP (RFC 3261)
  • Manages multiple Internet phone addresses (SIP accounts)
  • Connects to ADSL-over-ISDN or to ADSL-over-PSTN lines
  • Intelligent codec management
  • WLAN encryption with WPA2, WPA, WEP-64 or WEP-128
  • Wireless LANs in conformance with 802.11b (11 Mbit/s), 802.11g (54 Mbit/s), and 802.11g++ (125 Mbit/s)
  • WLAN-encryption with WPA2, WPA, WEP-64 oder WEP-128
  • Firewall with stateful packet inspection and secure port forwarding for local servers
  • Bandwidth management: ADSL traffic shaping for optimum use of the ADSL line
  • USB host for USB printers or USB mass storage media in the network
  • Dimensions: 185 × 140 × 35 mm; tabletop or wall-mounted installation

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 Package Contents:

  • VoIP PBX system for telephony and wireless ADSL web surfing with WLAN
  • Integrated ADSL modem with router capability to connect multiple PCs
  • 4.25 m y combo cable for ADSL and phone line
  • 1.5 m LAN cable
  • RJ45-RJ11 adapter to connect to DSL line
  • RJ45-RJ11 adapter to connect to analog phone line
  • External power supply
  • CD-ROM with installation and application software, and PDF user manual
  • Installation poster

Rating: Rating: 1
Has anybody ever dealt with AVM in Germany regarding Service? They used to offer lifetime warranty on there firtz boxes, then it went to 5 years now i..

Rating: Rating: 5
Hey Ho knock on the door !!! UPS have brought me 7170 Annex B router to Banska Bystrica Slovakia. The out of the box experience was almost painless..

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