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Register for a VoIPtalk account and start making free calls with your IP phone and softphone! A VoIPtalk account also enables you to call users on up to 400 other VoIP networks for free. Plus, we'll give you FREE 10 minutes of call time as a small bonus to allow you to start making calls to non-VoIP destinations right away.

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With your free VoIPtalk account, you can be allocated an 0843 'VoIP' Number for use with your account. Calls to 0843 numbers cost only 5p per minute when called from a BT landline. You receive revenue share on incoming calls.

There have been regulatory changes made to the use of 0843 numbers. Please familiarise yourself with these changes by clicking here.



Emergency calls stickers

Stickers to attach to VoIP phones informing users that they may not to be able to make calls to emergency services in some circumstances.

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