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AVM FritzBox Fon WLAN 7140

Francis Edwards

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Well I've got one and it's almost up-to-date with flash images (thank you voiptalk for providing links in the support section). I have been having problems with the DSL line being dropped because of auto sync'ing issues whenever I use the phone via VoIP and from doing research it may be because the Fritz.Box is a Texas Instruments AR7 based device. Since July last year many people have been reporting problems with ADSL+ (up to 8Mb speeds) lines, AR7 based routers and bad signal to noise ratio. I switched from steady 2Mb to ADSL+ with orange and only then began to notice drop outs which the Orange Livebox (with a renegociate of the ADSL line) managed to obtain a steady connection, but the AVM never could.
I've since switched to BT Total Broadband and the Home Hub (also non AR7 based chip) has been as steady as a rock for the last week. I'm hoping I can connect up the AVM and resume normal service for VoIP with the BT local loop connection, but if not then I may be looking to purchase a Thompson Speedtouch 780WL from VoiPtalk in order to be able to use my Dublin number.

.. otherwise yes its a great router - good features and hardware ports, just a shame ADSL+ is causing drop outs.

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