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Customer Testimonials - VoIPtalk users views and opinions

"VoIPtalk has surprised me in that a faceless Internet business CAN have a customer service staff second to none! In a time where the customer is only of value when making a sale VoIPtalk responded to my problem within minutes and even followed up my enquiry with a further offer of assistance. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else and would recommend to anyone. KEEP IT UP-AND MAY YOUR BUSINESS FLOURISH!!"

Di Brady

"I have used VoIPtalk for a number of years and have found the lines to be excellent quality, the support to be quick, efficient and accessible. We reduced our landline costs significantly and have a number of flexible options allowing us to have home workers, remote office and main office lines using one system, or independent of it - however we choose to set it up."

Jake Boyle - Operations Manager, Shipton & Heneage Ltd

"In our business it is important to have good communications and, having had several phone systems in the past, we were looking for a more modern and cost effective replacement for a normal landline.

Having spoken to the extremely helpful VoIPtalk representatives, we were left wondering "where the catch was" because it sounded too good to be true. From signing up with VoIPtalk, requesting our number to be ported, ordering hardware etc. the whole process was completed within two weeks. Having used VoIPtalk for a month now we have found that it fits our business model perfectly. The clarity is amazing and we can use our main telephone numbers from different locations and even receive an email with a "WAV" attachment for voicemail messages!

All in all, VoIPtalk it just what we were after and has done exactly what it said on the tin. We would be happy to recommend it anyone."

Joe Vaiders, Bikes

"I have been a customer of VoIPtalk for the last five years. Being a small business and a personal user at the same time, I believe that both their technical and customer services are superb. I would recommend VoIPtalk to both my customers and friends with no second thought!"

Kosmas Kosmopoulos - Lecturer in Business Computing

"Ename is using VoIPtalk's incoming DID service to establish our presence in several European countries and in South America. Using nothing but our company's SIP- PBX, we get better call quality while decimating costs. VoIP telephony is a critical service for our enterprise, and we're completely satisfied with VoIPtalk's performance and service during the past two years."

Luis Bruno - IT, Ename SA

"After struggling to find a responsive VoIP provider who can grow as quickly as our business it has been a breath of fresh air from the very first contact. With a can do attitude and fantastic turn-around time on any and every issue, VoIPtalk are truly the professionals to speak to."

Michael Costello - Operations Manager, Aims

"I have been a Telappliant customer since 2010, and have enjoyed a flawless service throughout this time. A few times I have encountered problems of a technical nature (with my ISP and with my bank), and in all cases I have received excellent support from Telappliant that has resulted in valid workaround solutions. Based on these experiences I will recommend their service to anybody with requirements similar to my own."

Rene Milan

"I was a BT Broadband Talk user, but BT discontinued this service leaving me - and many others, I presume - high and dry. I work from a home office and it's important for me to have a separate business line. I looked into other VoIP alternatives and found VoIPtalk. It was pretty easy to set up myself - VoIPtalk provide an impressive online support library - and what few additional questions I had were answered promptly. I'm very impressed with the call quality and the service."

Steve Wise - Marketing Communications Manager, Grass Valley

"I have been using the service for some years now and on the few occasions when I have had a problem it has been dealt with sensibly and ALWAYS easy to understand."

Tony Goater

"We have used VoIPtalk for some time now and I would recommend it to those looking for flexibility and quality. There's a good variety of products to choose from according to your company's needs and it is very user-friendly."

Triin Linamagi - Head of Customer Services, On Go

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