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How is VoIP different from a traditional telephone system?

VoIP works just like an ordinary telephone with the only difference being that with VoIP your telephone works via your broadband connection instead of the conventional telephone network. VoIP also offers you the benefit of making local, long distance and international calls for less, is high quality and has more features than most traditional phone service offerings. Since VoIP uses broadband, it allows the provision of additional lines without the additional cost of line rental. With VoIP you can get an inbound number which can be from any country or area code you prefer, even different to the area in which you live. This means if you live in London and get a Paris number, you will not incur long distance charges if you call a number in Paris, regardless of geography. But people in London phoning your Paris number will incur long distance charges and your local calls in London will be charged long distance.
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