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IAX PSTN Call Credit

Chris Pulman

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
A I C Solutions have been using the IAX service with TrixBox for three months now. We have had excellent support from the VoipTalk/ Telappliant teams. We have ten lines active and majority of calls have been crisp and clear with any issues being caused by our lack of bandwith on our internet connection.
We have a complex setup here and have found the flexability of VoipTalk to be a bonus to our business and has meant that we can have a phone system which suits our needs and provides us with a globally accessable communications network.
OVERALL: Excellent service would recommend any small business to consider this as a great alternative to an ISDN alternative. Word of warning make sure that your broadband connection can support at least 80kbs outbound and inbound per active line otherwise you will come accross call quality issues.

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