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Prepay Silver Package

Andrew Duncan

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
The silver package is well worth it. I'd been using a standard voiptalk account and because it's a bit featureless I ended up hardly using it. The voicemail services are amazing (once you figure out how to use them) and the scheduled dialplan is a brilliant idea - but could be further enhanced if you were able to stop phones from ringing at all outside office hours.

I'd recommend the silver package to anyone but be warned - it majorly lacks documentation and doesn't have any sort of manual. It's got a one page user guide which is basically a summary of what it can do. I think voiptalk/telappliant should consider writing us something because I was trying to configure the voicemail to find there are four different messages to edit - I still don't quite know if i've alter the correct ones... It would be nice if they had some sort of forum/community so that all support requests don't have to goto the issue tracker.

Anyway, long story short : buy the silver package!

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