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Prepay Silver Package

David Bunney

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent stuff! Great value for money! I have been a heavy user of the service since OCTOBER 2004 now and have no complaints at all.

Used in conjunction with several incoming 'virtual' numbers it is fantastic! The call rate savings are great. In addition anywhere you go where you have an internet connection of about 60kbs (upstream speed being the limiting factor) or greater and you can have all your numbers follow you to that location. Even works abroad!

Please note that internet based telephony is not encrypted and it is possible (although highly unlikely) that signalling (instructions to setup a call) or media (your voice) could be intercepted and used. So if you spend all your time discussing bank details, perhaps think twice.

I am constantly asking makers of equipment to consider including security provisions in their equipment and IP-PBXs. The security debate will perhaps take off in the near future.

Some have commented that they are upset that they still need to pay BT for a telephone line they no longer need... Have you thought about getting broadband from your local cable provider??? You would no longer require the phone-line/adsl package then.

Happy telephoning...

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