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Rest of World Numbers

Rest of World Numbers

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I am using VOIPTalk for about 2 years now. i tried many voip providers proiot to switching to VOIPTALK. some are expensive other donot give you feedom of use of their services in a way that you need. VOIP Talk gives you a real UK's Phone number to use. i live in USA, most of my calls are from oversea and it is so convenient for people to contact me on UK's Phone number. I have relatives in UK who pay virtually nothing calling me.

I have tried many of the VOIP account, most won't register my SPA3102 on one side and Zoom 5801 adoper on the other side. With VOIPTALK i never had such problem. both the ATA's register almost instantanously. I hardly contacted VOIPTALK for any help becuase it is so good, i never need any help. Prices are great too. I thought of going to Vonage but i gave up vonage after a few days. when your are a VIOP you dont need to accept lower standards. Well done VOIP TALK. KEEP IT UP.

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