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SIP PSTN Call Credit

Philip Peake

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!
After 2 days of subscription I am going to give this service four stars (out of five).

The sign-up was easy, and everything worked as advertised. After several long conversations, there were only a few seconds of slightly poor sound.

With some creative playing around with my SPA2000 adaptor's call-plan filter, I was able to set it up to accept and connect when presented with almost any number as it would be dialed by a US or UK resident:

US: xxx-xxx-xxxx or 1 xxx-xxx-xxxx or 011 xx xxxxxx....
UK: 0xx xxx xxxx or 0xxx xxx xxxx or 00 1 xxx xxx xxxx

[Local dialing formats not supported in either case]
For the US case, this is actually better than US (landline) phone companies can manage,
dia a number proceeded by 1 in your local calling area and you get a message telling you you should not dial a one, and you have to ahng up and re-dial. Dial a number without a one which is outside your calling area and it whines about the need to dial a one before the number. If they can tell me to use/not use a 1, I would expect them to be able to deal with correctly dialing what I wanted without bothering me...

I think my only items to put on a wishlist would be:

Ability to call US 1 800 numbers.
Ability to set call-forwarding to any UK/US/Other? landline phone number.

Why 4 stars rather than 5 ?

Well, charging 2.99 to set up a number from which they make a profit (should be free set up - OR the number should not time-out after three months of inactivity if you pay to set it up - annual fee?).

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