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VoIPtalk 1000

malik miah

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Started my first account with voiptalk and everything went smoothly. I liked the security check before getting your first package. The security checks makes things offical and verfiys the person that is applying with credit or debit cards. The setting of my Voip router was easy and they have a very helpful settings page for individual router/voip phones and such. Just on a note that in the settings of any router it ask for your Voip ID which is stright forward and then it asks for password. I assumed it was the password that i put in but that was not the case it is the password given by Voiptalk that needs to go in or else you will be unable to connect online. I hope this review helps some people and this is the future and you save a lot of money compared to the money grabbing landline companys.

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