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VoIPtalk 1000

Arindam Das

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
I checked out all the SIP (UK centric) and chose VoipTalk. I am in China but live in the UK.

There were a few teething problems ( being silly..) and I sent a few email questions to the Support Group and I recieved lightening quick responses to my questions in setting up VoipTalk!!!

I am very happy with this service !!!

I opted for the '1000 minutes' which meant that I am paying .5p/minute call to a UK landline from China!
On Skype-Out this is 1.2p/min.

I am running VoipTalk on Fring and also Nimbuzz on my Nokia E71and the settings are the same and works!
The voice quality is great! My UK landline number given for free by VoipTalk means that my friends & Family in the UK can call me straight to my mobile in China.

Technology is Great...isn't it ???!!!


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