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Aastra 6731i VoIP Phone Setup

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To configure your Aastra 6731i you need to plug the phone into a power outlet and connect it to an IP network. You will need a PC connected on the same network to access the web configuration menu. The phone should boot up and connect to the network automatically.

  1. Find the IP address of the Aastra phone by pressing the keys on your handset as follows:
    - Press the Spanner key on the phone
    - Press the scroll down button to reach Phone Status, press the Aastra 6731i VoIP Phone Setup button to confirm selection
    - Select IP&MAC Addresses and press the Aastra 6731i VoIP Phone Setup key

    The IP address of your phone will appear on the handset screen.
  2. Enter the IP address found in Step 1 as a URL using a web browser on your PC. The URL would look like: https://

    Your web browser will display a security alert window. This is expected, simply confirm that you wish to continue accessing the web page.
  3. You will be prompted for a username and password. You will require Administrator access to configure VoIPtalk service details. The access details are:
    Username: Admin
    Password: 22222

    You should see the status screen online once you login.
  4. On the left menu section of the screen click on Line 1, under Advanced Settings
  5. Enter the configuration details as shown in the image below.

    Screen Name & Screen Name 2: enter a value of your choice
    Phone Number enter your VoIPtalk ID
    Caller ID: usually an inbound number or your SIP ID
    Authentication Name: enter your VoIPtalk ID
    Password: enter your VoIPtalk password. (To retrieve your VoIPtalk password go to your account page and click on your VoIPtalk ID).
    Proxy Server: enter
    Proxy Port: enter 5060
    Outbound Proxy Server: enter
    Registrar Server: enter
    Registrar Port: enter 5060

    Click on the Save Settings button on the bottom of the screen. Your phone will confirm the changes and advise you to restart your phone.

    Aastra 6731i VoIP Phone Setup

  6. To restart your phone, click on the Reset option under the Operations section on the left-side menu. Click on the button Restart. The phone will automatically restart.

    Aastra 6731i VoIP Phone Setup

Once the phone has completed its boot up sequence, simply dial 902. You should hear the confirmation message announcing successful configuration of your phone. Congratulations!

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