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ATL IP300S VoIP Phone Setup

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  1. Connect one end of the network cable to your data network port and connect the other end to the network (LAN) port on the phone.
  2. Power up the phone.
  3. Press the "Menu" button (button with a book icon) and press #. Press 8 and press hold to enter to advance settings, press 4 and press hold to enter into "System" status. Press 1 and press hold to enter into "Network". This will show the phone's IP address as it is picked up from your DHCP server.
  4. Open a web browser on your PC and type the Phone's IP address into the address field (Make sure that your PC and Phone are on the same network).
  5. This will present you with the Login page for the IP300S Phone. Check the "Privileged User" radio button, enter the Password and press "Sign In".

    The Default Password = 0000
  6. Click on the SIP Settings on Left side menu and click on 1st Domain. Enter the following details as shown below.
    Login User ID = Your Voiptalk User ID
    Alias/Nickname/Display = Your Voiptalk User ID
    Email-like Address = Your Voiptalk User ID
    Proxy Server = Default Outbound Proxy
    Proxy FQDN = Proxy FQDN 
    Registrar Server = Same as Proxy
  7. Click on "Modify" to save settings.

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