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Asterisk PBX for use with VoIPtalk Setup

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Click here to find out how to configure your Asterisk PBX to receive incoming calls from VoIPtalk.

Once you have received your IAX account activation details then you are ready to make calls using your Asterisk server. The VoIPtalk IAX service requires numbers to be sent with the full country code. For example, if you wish to call our office you would send the number in the following format (e164) to our call server: 442070433490.

You can configure Asterisk using 2 methods:

  1. Configuration using only extensions.conf file:

    This involves adding the following entries into extensions.conf:
    exten => _0[1-9].,1,Dial(IAX2/${EXTEN:1})
    exten => _00.,1,Dial(IAX2/${EXTEN:2})
    where USER is the user ID, and PW is the password.

    The first line of the dial sequence allows UK-based customers to dial without a country code as it substitutes the prefixed 0 with a 44. This method is the least secure, as the dial sequence including the password will appear on the console display when an outgoing call is made.
  2. Configuration using iax.conf:

    The preferred method of configuring Asterisk is by using a combination of the iax.conf and extensions.conf files. The iax.conf file enables you to have much more configuration control over your iax connection, allowing you to control things such as codec priorities, trunking etc.

    For connection to voiptalk, a basic iax.conf entry would be:
    The corresponding extensions.conf would be:
    exten => _0[1-9].,1,Dial(IAX2/USERID@voiptalk/44${EXTEN:1})
    exten => _00.,1,Dial(IAX2/USERID@voiptalk/${EXTEN:2})
  3. Dialling Other Networks:

    Please configure your extensions.conf locally for other networks. Our special test numbers 90X cannot be used over the IAX protocol.

in Asterisk you will need to add this parameter below in to the inbound number section in the iax.conf.

Note: In the interests of security, please do not use your default context for outbound call validation.

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