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Configuration Of Trixbox Behind A NAT Firewall Setup

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  1. Be sure the LAN/Private address is statically assigned to the Trixbox server.
  2. Check the following ports on your firewall:

    • UDP Port 5060 is for SIP communication.
    • UDP Port 5060-5082 range, SIP communications.
    • UDP Port 10000 - 20000 is for RTP - the media stream, voice/video channel.
  3. Check etc/hosts file, put the same name as you gave the Trixbox server in the hosts file under the address - ie.: localhost asterisk.localhost (name of your server)
  4. Trixbox setup:

    If your Trixbox is behind a Nat firewall you must also edit the sip_nat.conf file. Go to the Trixbox home page, then select administrator mode. Select from PBX -> Config File Editor , click on sip_nat.conf and insert the following lines:
    externip = your_external_ip_address
    localnet = machine/
    Click on update and then restart the machine!

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