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Digium Iaxy S101I Setup

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  1. The IAXy requires that you plug in the interfaces in specific order. The easiest suggestion is to follow a left-to-right methodology. [li]1. Plug in the telephone cord[li] [li]2. Insert the Ethernet cable[li] [li]3 .Power up the unit[li] The key point here is that the telephone cord and Ethernet cable must be inserted before power is applied. Failing this, the unit will not boot completely and will not properly initialize the telephone device.
  2. Upon booting, the unit will seek out an IP address from a DHCP server. If you are using Linux, the easiest way to determine the IP of the IAXy is to monitor either your syslog, messages, or your daemon.log file in /var/log. You can watch real-time changes to these files by using the tail command such as:
    tail -f /var/log/syslog
  3. Once the IAXy has booted, it needs to be provisioned in order that it might register as an IAX friend with your Asterisk server. The provisioning process specifies the IAX username, password, and host. To provision the IAXy, you will need the provisioning utility that can be downloaded by following these instructions:
    $ cd /usr/src
    $ svn co iaxyprov
    $ cd iaxyprov
  4. Build the provision utility by executing the make command.
  5. Once this is done, modify the iaxy.conf.sample file to fit our needs:
    ; IAXY Provisioning description
    dhcp ; (DHCP enabled)
    ;ip: ; (Set a static IP for the IAXy)
    ;netmask: ; (Set a static netmask)
    ;gateway: ; (Set a static gateway)
    codec: ulaw ; (use G.711 ulaw codec)
    ;codec: adpcm ; (use ADPCM codec)
    server: ; (the IP of your Asterisk server)
    ;altserver: ; (IP of your backup Asterisk server)
    user: myusername ; (the username assigned to the IAXy)
    pass: mypassword ; (the password assigned to the IAXy)
    register ; (Registration on)
    ;heartbeat ; (Generate status packets on port
    ; 9999 sent to
    ;debug ; (Output extra debugging to port 9999)
  6. Now that we have configured our iaxy.conf.sample file, we can provision the IAXy with the following command:
    ./iaxyprov iaxy.conf.sample

Now power to the IAXy should be cycled. When the IAXy powers back up, it will emit a blue light after it has acquired an IP address and has registered with VoIPtalk. If you do not see a solid light after 20 seconds, the IAXy has failed to register itself

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