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Elmeg VoIP Phone Setup

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  1. Plug your Elmeg phone into the network and boot it up. You can find the Elmeg's IP Address by using the menu display on the phone.
  2. Type the IP Address of the Elmeg into a web browser. The default login details are: Username: admin, Password: admin. The Elmeg configuration page should appear.
  3. From the menu screen click on Setup -> Line 1.

    Configure the settings as shown below. Make sure you use your VoIPtalk ID and VoIPtalk Password as the values for Account and Password respectively. To retrieve your VoIPtalk password go to your account page and click on your VoIPtalk ID. Set Registrar equal to: and Outbound Proxy equal to: Press Save to apply settings.

    Elmeg VoIP Phone Setup

  4. Go to Setup -> Advanced Set DHCP to ON and press Save to apply (see below).

    Elmeg VoIP Phone Setup

  5. Try dialling 902. You should receive a confirmation message announcing a successful registration with VoIPtalk.

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