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VoIP Softphone Setup

A softphone is simply a phone that operates from your PC or handheld device and uses your Internet connection to make VoIP calls. You can use a softphone in conjunction with a USB Phone or a PC Headset. Softphones can also be used with the Nokia range of smartphones.

Acrobits Softphone Setup Acrobits Softphone for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch configuration instructions

Acrobits Softphone For Use With VoIPOffice On The IPhone, IPad And IPod Touch Setup Acrobits Softphone for use with VoIPOffice on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch configuration instructions

CounterPath Bria IPhone Softphone Setup CounterPath Bria iPhone Softphone configuration instructions

G.729 For The IPhone Or IPad Setup G.729 for the iPhone or iPad configuration instructions

SJ Phone VoIP softphone Setup SJ Labs softphone configuration instructions

Xlite/Bria Softphone Setup X-Lite / Xten / Bria softphone configuration instructions

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