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0800 Freephone VoIP Number

£5.99 inc. VAT

0800 Freephone VoIP Number

What is an 0800 number?

It is a UK Freephone telephone number. This number is charged to the caller at the same rate as a Freephone UK telephone call (free depending on the type of line they are calling from).

VoIPtalk can now provide you with an 0800 number, which can be configured to point to your IP phone or IP PBX, enabling callers to dial into your IP network via a conventional landline telephone number.

How much does it cost and how long does the provisioning take?

We charge a £10 setup fee plus a monthly charge of £4.99 plus VAT. Numbers may take 1-2 working days to provision. Incoming calls cost 2p/min plus any divert costs.

Can I choose my own number?

Unfortunately, the numbers are allocated randomly, if you require a Gold number please click here.

Please Note: You may not be able to dial an 0800 number from outside of the UK. Please consult your local telecommunications provider for further information. You will not be able to dial 0800 numbers from payphones

Please note we cannot guarantee provisioning of the same number after a subscription has become inactive either due to payment failure or cancellation of the service. Please make sure payments are up to date to avoid losing incoming numbers. Minimum contract terms apply.

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