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Make calls with VoIPtalk using your tablet or smartphone

Absolutely no subscription charges or any obligations.

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Zoiper and Acrobits apps for VoIPtalk

VoIPtalk on Mobile Devices

Supported systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Browsers.

Get a FREE incoming number and 10 minutes of FREE calling time when you sign up to VoIPtalk to start making calls using your mobile devices without the need for a SIM.

Access VoIP solutions by connecting to the internet via the built-in Wi-Fi or 3G cards and use a Bluetooth headset to make calls.

How to start?

1) Sign up for a FREE VoIPtalk Account (it's FREE and takes only a couple of minutes)

2) Download the Zoiper or Acrobits client.

3) Follow our easy setup guide for Acrobits. Our Zoiper guide is coming soon.

It's really that simple, use VoIPtalk as your mobile solution on the phone or tablet without the need for a SIM!

For even better call quality purchase a G729 codec licence. Find out how to purchase and configure G729 codec for Acrobits.

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