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SMS Callback

The SMS Callback solution is ideal for business travellers. So long as you have a local mobile, you can use your VoIPtalk ID to make calls across the world without having to pay the mobile provider a single penny! As the diagram below illustrates, you simply send an SMS message containing the number you wish to contact to our SMS gateway.

Features and benefits

• Ease of use. Simply SMS your destination to the Callback number.
• No need to purchase calling cards or use special access numbers.
• Flexibility: Manage your mobile number online so our system knows where you are.

All you pay is the sum of the call rate to your mobile and the call rate to the destination.
Once you have registered your mobile phone number with the Service, using it is easy!

How to use SMS Callback

Send an SMS to the official Callback number. The SMS will ONLY contain the number you wish to reach.
After a few seconds, your mobile phone will ring. When you answer the call, you will be connected to your destination. Please note that in order to use this service you have to be using the mobile number matching your VoIPtalk ID.

You can update your mobile number online when required.


• Do I pay roaming charges? So long as you use a local mobile phone you WILL NOT pay any roaming charges.
• Do I have to dial any codes or prefixes? All you have to do is send an SMS containing the destination number to our Callback number.
• Can I use multiple mobile phones? You can only use one mobile phone at the same time. If you have changed your mobile number you can change your SMS Callback preferences accordingly online.
• Do I need to configure an IP Phone to use SMS Callback? No you do not. A VoIPtalk ID, in this case, is used solely as an account balance to pay for your SMS Callback call. As and when you require, the same VoIPtalk ID can also be configured on an IP Phone to make VoIP calls.

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