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Useful VoIP Numbers

Useful VoIP numbers

Use the following numbers to check the quality and various settings of your VoIPtalk account.

901- Check your VoIPtalk credit balance
902 - Welcome message
903 - Check your User ID
904 - Echo Test (for latency checking)
905 - Audio Test. After the beep record your voice and receive it back to ensure two-way audio communication works properly
906 - Turns balance announcement when making calls on / off*
907 - Turns low credit announcement when making calls on / off*
908 - Check your current Caller ID display
9123 - UK Date & Time

* Dialling 906 will turn the balance announcement ON. This means that when you dial a number (before connecting) you will hear what your current balance is. To turn the balance announcement OFF, simply dial 906 again. The balance announcment is OFF by default.

Dialling 907 will turn the low credit announcement ON. Through your online account management, you can set your low credit limit. This means that if your credit falls below the limit you will hear a low credit announcement before connecting to a call. To turn the low credit announcement OFF, simply dial 907 again. The low credit announcment is OFF by default.

Calling other VoIP Networks

Using a VoIP Phone, you can always call any other VoIP phone that's not registered with VoIPtalk by dialling their SIP address like so: This may be hard to do with most phones so VoIPtalk also provides some prefix codes that you can dial just before a User's ID to call them across another provider's network.

71 to dial a user on the FWD network
72 to dial a user on the iptel network
73 to dial a user on the DrayTEL network
*467 to dial a user on the Gossiptel network
*472 to dial a user on the Gradwell network
**747 to dial a user on the Internet Phone Company network

SIP Broker

VoIPtalk also peers with SIP Broker allowing you to call virtually any VoIP user on any network using VoIPtalk. To use SIP Broker, simply dial this prefix:


followed by the prefix matching the VoIP provider on the SIP Broker listing and then complete the dialstring with the VoIP user's ID. For example to dial a VoIP user on the FWD network, you can dial:

**473*393543074 (where *393 is the SIP Broker prefix for FWD and 543074 is the VoIP user's ID).

The SIP Broker prefix for VoIPtalk is:


Access Number for non-VoIP/roaming users

Using a non-VoIP Phone, you can use your VoIPtalk account to make calls using our UK access number.

Our access numbers are:

0845 004 4044
020 7043 4044

When you dial one of the access numbers, you will be prompted for your VoIPtalk account ID and password. If your password is alphanumeric (ie combined text and numbers, such as 'my123') this can be dialled using the keypad on the phone (for example, number 2 is also A, B, C and 9 is W, X, Y or Z).

So, if entering the password "am123" using a keypad, you would enter "16123".

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