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VoIP Incoming Numbers

Incoming Numbers
With an incoming number, callers can reach you by calling a UK number wherever you are connected! Simply connect your VoIP Phone configured with your VoIP Service details to your Internet connection and anyone can reach you by dialling your incoming number. The Incoming Number packages are cheap and flexible:

There are no call charges (only the caller is billed)
You can have as many numbers as you want assigned to your VoIPtalk account
When making outgoing calls with your VoIPtalk account, your Incoming number will show up as the Caller ID so the destination can call you back.
NEW!! Your incoming number can now reach multiple destinations at once with ThreeCall (available to Prepay Silver and & VoIPtalk Unlimited subscribers only).
"Having an incoming number is ideal for those who travel or live overseas. Your friends and relatives can reach you no matter where you are and without having to pay international call charges!"

How do I get an Incoming VoIP Number?

First decide which type of number you want to have from the choices available. The cost of purchasing each number is different so please view the required number's page for further details.
For geographic numbers, select the area code you require and press the sign up link. All you pay is the monthly number rental.
For non-geographic numbers, simply add the number to your shopping cart and make payment!
Once you have made your selection, a random geographic or non-geographic will be automatically allocated to your account.
Once your number has been allocated, people can call you from anywhere by dialling it as usual. You will need credit to make outgoing calls. Your allocated Incoming Number will also be your Caller ID. You can change this through your account pages (see "My Account")

Please note that it may not be possible to dial non-geographic numbers from outside of the UK. So, if you are intending to receive calls from non-UK destinations, a geographic number would be advisable.

Will I be charged when people call me?
No. You will only be charged for the initial setup fee or monthly payment depending on the type of number you have chosen. Your incoming VoIP number functions as any other phone number, thus you are not charged for incoming calls, unless you have chosen to divert your number to a non-VoIP destination where additional charges apply.

What if I don't have a VoIPtalk account and proceed to purchase a number?
If you do not have a VoIPtalk account, one will be created automatically for you.

What if I want a specific number?
Unfortunately, the numbers are allocated randomly. We can select a specific number for you on request. This process takes longer to be effective and may be subject to a greater cost. We also provide number porting services for selected UK dialling prefixes.

We have the following types of UK numbers available to purchase:

UK Geographic Numbers
0800 Freephone VoIP Numbers*
0845 Local Numbers
All number types
Fax to Email numbers

* Incoming calls to 0800 VoIP Numbers cost 2p/min plus VAT & any divert costs.

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