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VoIPtalk tariffs

When signing up to VoIPtalk, your account is allocated a standard tariff. VoIPtalk offers you a choice of tariffs and packages:

  Standard Tariff  Prepay Silver Package
When you signup for a FREE VoIP account with VoIPtalk, your calls will be charged according to our Standard VoIPtalk Tariff. There are no subscription or joining fees. Features include:

Low Rates / Free non-geographic number / Caller ID / Call Divert / Online Billing / Online Account Management

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This pay-monthly package provides you with a host of features and an unbeatable tariff for users who make regular calls to anywhere in the world. As well as the features in the Standard Tariff, Prepay Silver offers you:
An incoming geographic number (650+ towns) / A lower call rate tariff both within the UK and in Europe / A Voicemail account / SMS Callback / Intelligent Call Scheduler
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  Gold Route Tariff   VoIPtalk Unlimited Package
For business customers we can provide Gold Routing services, which utilise our highest quality connections for call termination. It is a tariff only, not a pay-monthly package.

To use the a Gold Route, simply prefix your dialled number with *28. For example to dial a Central London number, dial: *280207123456 or to dial Spain: *28003491123456
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With this pay-monthly package you can make unlimited calls to UK and worldwide destinations. You also get host of features and an unbeatable call tariff.
Get all the features of the Prepay Silver Package, but also benefit from unlimited calls by choosing one of four packages: UK Only, UK & Europe, UK & USA or UK,USA & Europe

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Nothing else changes. You still keep your VoIPtalk ID and registration details. If you don't have an existing VoIPtalk account create a Prepay Silver account. If you have an existing VoIPtalk account, simply upgrade your account.

Calls are billed per second and the minimum call charge is 1p. Call rates DO NOT vary based on your geographical location.

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